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Some exciting news to share with all of you!  As we share the app with others beyond the TBI, PTSD & suicide prevention communities, an ever growing list of communities using the App in ways we had not even thought of continue to emerge.  Thank you for being open and innovative!

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Take the worry out of daily tasks

Lightbridge Connect Routine Builder

Lightbridge is an app that will help you manage your day by creating routines that contain all the steps required for tasks that you complete on a regular basis, by allowing you to save brain power not having to think through every detail of the task at hand.  The routine builder is designed to encourage everyone to implement positive routines that help us all live better.

Receive support when you need it

Lightbridge Check-In with Support Contacts

Clearly identifying our emotions is an important first step in dealing with them effectively, however, many of us struggle to identify what and how we are feeling, don’t worry, we’ve made this easy for you.  The “Check In” routine offers the choice of 5 emoji’s, (yes, only 5!) so we promise, you don’t have to analyze yourself too much!  With the automated notification system your Support Contacts will be there to support you on the days you need it without you having to reach out. Your Support Contacts do not have to have the App to receive these notifications.

Lightbridge Community Support

Support - List Needing Support_2x-1.jpg
Support - List Needing Support_2x.jpg

After completing your Lightbridge Profile you will be able to join the

Community Support feature.  You can receive support when you need it from those in the community outside of your support contacts.

Connect with others and get support when you need it.  You are always in control of who you choose to connect with.  

When you check in less than optimal your name is added to a list of members who could use support from the community that day.  Those in the community who are giving back through offering support to others will see the list and be able to send you an offer of their support along with their profile.  

You will be able to view their profile and either accept or decline the offer.  

Once you accept an offer of support from a community member you will be able to connect via a text or call button.  At this point you manage the connection as you both decide.

App Tutorials:

Routine Builder

This tutorial video walks you through all you can do with routines, from building a personal routine to sharing a routine with a friend.

Check In with Support Contacts

This tutorial video walks you through the Check In routine, from how to schedule this routine to setting up your Support Contacts List.

Simple and Easy to use

Life is complicated enough...our App is straightforward


The Lightbridge app is designed with simple and easy to use as our top priority

Online Support

Technical support at the click of a button

Top Security

The Lightbridge App is hosted on Google Servers


Learn All About the Advantages that Our App Has to Offer

Lightbridge Syncs with your device Calendar 

Your "My Day" will show all the routines and appointments you have for each day.

Easily access virtual meetings through the "MEET" button.

Seamlessly integrates with your device functions

Lightbridge Connect integrates with your mobile device functions allowing you to communicate (email, text & talk) the same way you do now.


We've Come a Long Way

We still have a long way to go ...

Lightbridge is a community App.  We hope you are as excited as we are about building a community of people who understand and care about each other. The Lightbridge app will always be a work in progress and as you use it and share your thoughts with us we will continue to improve and offer additional features that make all of our lives better and allow us to stay connected with others who face similar life challenges.


What People are Saying

A Life changing App...

I love this App!  I can stop worrying if I fed the dog!  He may be disappointed that he no longer is getting multiple meals a day!

I will admit I am not a good "routine" person but this App is so easy to use and I like that it tracks my completed routines.  It keeps me motivated!

I am enjoying the fact that I don't receive the daily call to see how I am doing, my parents can receive the information everyday when I check in.  AWESOME!!!

Judy V

Jack L

Dalina M


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