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LBConnect - Live Better & Connect

The greatest medicine for human suffering is connection and community support.  Acceptance from a community that is living with similar challenges can make all the difference in a person’s life.   We have designed a software application called LBConnect (Live Better & Connect) that is designed to do just that!   Allow for community connection, friendships and support from others who live with the same challenges.  Support on demand, anytime an individual needs it from a community who understands. Also providing real-time information to Mental Health Clinicians and Primary Caregivers.


LBConnect provides:

  • Online Community of support

  • Life Assistant – configurable to each individual

    • Daily Emotional Check In & Out

    • Planning & Time management with prompts to support action

    • Medication notifications/reminders

  • Data Tracking & Trends

    • Easily share information with caregivers and clinicians

    • Providing access to real time data

    • Using data trends to improve care practices and treatment research

    • Predictive analytics on behavior trends and care patterns

    • Allowing the individual and caregivers to become

    • Proactive vs Reactive

    • Linguistic Analysis/Patterns

    • Through data sharing establish individualized treatment plans

  • Establish and Track Goals and Activities

    • Support in thinking about the future vs surviving each day

    • Easily plan and track positive steps toward goals

    • Celebrate success

  • Caregiver online support from other caregivers / Sharing of valuable information among Mental Health Clinicians and others supporting the care of the individual



​The LBConnect software solutions are designed from the ground up to support the needs of those living with the challenges of TBI and Mental Illness.  ​Through ground breaking design, algorithms and workflows, LBConnect helps remove some of the largest roadblocks faced on a day-to-day basis.

LBConnect allows real time connection and assistance for the TBI survivor, Individuals with Mental Illness, and their caregivers. LBConnect offers support beginning at recovery, through growth, and return to life purpose.  

What's most important, LBConnect allows individuals to regain control of their lives.