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LBConnect - Executive Summary

LBConnect Project - Live Better & Connect

LBConnect is a cloud based software solution that caters to the specific needs of those who live with Traumatic Brain Injury and Mental Illness. The software application is configurable to support the recovery, growth and return to life purpose of each member. LBConnect is unique in that it was designed to include the support of Caregivers.  


We are conscious of the changing demographics in our area of focus and are committed to growing and adapting our solution to meet the emerging needs. Phase 1 of LBConnect is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2018.  This will provide an online community of support and a life assistant which; encourages emotional awareness, helps manage daily schedule, manages activities and goals, medication and communications based on each specific member. 


Program objectives include ensuring that a minimum of 10,000 members are actively using LBConnect within the first 12 months; engaging a minimum of 10 Mental Health professionals, practicing in Omaha, as active users within 12 months, equaling 3000 additional members;  increasing our referrals of members from the community clinics and partnering nonprofit organizations specifically serving the TBI and Mental Health community, adding an additional 3000 members within the first 12 months. LBConnect will play a vital role in the lives of the community members.  Access to support from others who know and understand the struggle of living with TBI and Mental Illness, through an application specifically designed with this in mind, will save lives.  


  • 18.29% of adults struggle with a mental health issue annually​ (this equals 43.7 million Americans)

  • 2.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury annually

    • ​53% suffer major depressive disorder

    • ​23% contemplate suicide

    • ​17% act on their thoughts of suicide

  • ​42,773 individuals take their life every year

    • ​Suicide is the number 1 leading cause of death ages 10-14 in Nebraska

    • ​Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death ages 15-34 in Nebraska

    • ​Suicide is the 4th leading cause of death ages 35-54 in Nebraska

    • ​Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US

    • ​Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death ages 15-24 nationally

    • ​Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death ages 10-14 nationally

We believe that LBConnect will introduce support and services to this extremely underserved population. As a result, we believe members will enjoy a better life & connect to each other minimizing isolation and loneliness – saving lives!

LBConnect allows for multiple communities to live better & connect. We envision expansion into other areas of need as awareness of LBConnect grows.