Inspiring Survivors

  • Extreme fear of external judgement which results in excluding themselves from society.

  • Lack of self control and flexibility which has caused loss of friends.

  • Anxiety to the level of not being able to leave home.

LBConnect Action
  • Online Community

    • Connecting within the LBConnect community, building friendships with others who understand the daily challenges and who can relate.

    • Request support on days you need it.

    • Offer support on good days, when you can give back in a positive way.

LBConnect - Benefits

Isolation & Loneliness
Self Awareness & Monitoring
  • Inability to subconsciously evaluate changing moods and adjust for them.

  • No “little voice” that directs social behavior.

  • Outbursts or comments considered “rude or unacceptable” by society.

LBConnect Action
  • Daily check-in and check-out emotional status.

  • Recap of the day through the checkout process allowing for recognition of accomplishments.

Planning & Time Management
  • Diminished Brain function impacts the ability task or think through steps required to complete a specific activity.

  • Energy drain and anxiety caused by trying to keep track of daily/weekly/monthly activities.

LBConnect Action
  • Day at a glance

  • Reduce anxiety with the support to plan, task and organize the day/week/month.

  • Support through being prompted to act via notifications versus having to extend brain energy trying to remember.

  • Having my personal “Life Assistant” to keep me on track.

Fexibility & Problem Solving
  • Breaks in pattern or routine causes extreme frustration and in some cases anger that becomes immobilizing.

  • Ability to use LBConnect along with their caregiver to recognize triggers and trends allowing for more creativity to address these obstacles.

LBConnect Action
  • Getting support when needed to get back on track.

  • Allows sharing information with caregiver, clinician and member to enhance teamwork in addressing challenges.

Organization & Motivation
  • Overwhelmed just by the thought of taking action steps.

  • The smallest things can take as much energy as running a marathon.

  • Inability to keep things organized, from tasks to keep things organized from tasks to items in both household and/or office.

LBConnect Action
  • Ease of planning and keeping track of activities and goals.

  • Being able to think about the future instead of surviving each day.

  • Being prompted to perform activities versus having to think about them.

  • Simplification through having all information in one place.